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GoToMeeting for LiveChat


The app requires you to have GoToMeeting account which can be created here.

Initial setup​

  1. Install the app from the LiveChat Marketplace.
  2. You can simply invite customers to join a video meeting while you’re chatting to them. Just click the app icon in the Agent App Widget section, choose the GoToMeeting for LiveChat app and Connect:
  3. Authorize GoToMeeting for LiveChat.
  4. Once connected, you can start inviting your customers to join video meetings with you.

Starting a meeting​

To invite your customer to join a video meeting just click the Create online meeting button:

Once clicked, a meeting will be created and the invitation will be send to your customer:

Join the meeting​

You can now join the meeting by clicking on Join meeting from your app.

Uninstalling the app from LiveChat​

  1. Open the LiveChat App
  2. Go to Settings >> Integrations & apps >> Installed Apps.
  3. Find the GoToMeeting for LiveChat app and click on Actions >> Uninstall.
  4. Click on Submit and uninstall.

Feedback and feature request​

You can send us your feedback and feature request at [email protected].