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GitHub for LiveChat

Initial setup

  1. Install the app from the LiveChat Marketplace.
  2. Log in to the GitHub account you'd like to integrate with LiveChat.
  3. Authorize GitHub for LiveChat by clicking Allow.

Main GitHub repository

You have to choose your main GitHub repository from the select box. You will be able to search, view and create new issues within this repository.

Searching issues

You can search for issues that already exist on your main GitHub repository. To do that, start typing the search phrase. For each issue, the app displays the issue title, its creation date, as well as the status.

Viewing attached issues

As an agent, you have access to the issues assigned to a customer account. You can find them in the Attached issue section. View them in the Agent Application or open them in main GitHub repository with just one click.

Attaching chat transcript

Add chat transcripts to the issue assigned to your customer account. To do that, go to Attached issues and click Attach chat transcript.

You can also add chat transcripts to the issues that are unassigned. To achieve that, search for an issue, select it, and click Attach chat transcript. By doing that, the issue will be automatically assigned to your customer account.

Creating new issue

Go to Create an new issue and fill out the short form. Give it a title and description, and confirm the operation by clicking Create the issue. The issue is going to be create on the main GitHub repository.

Feedback and feature request

You can send us your feedback and feature request at [email protected].